September 2016

April will be at the gym from 7am to help with measurements for the Healthy Habits Challenge. 6:00, 8:00am CrossFit A) “Bulger” 10 rft: 150m Run 7 C2B Pull-Ups 7 Front Squats (62.5/45kg) 7 HSPU - compare to 20/04/13 or B) 10 rft: 150m Run 7 DB Rows (15/10kg) 7 DB Hang Cleans (15/10kg) 7 DB Press (15/10kg) 7:00am BBF CrossFit B) 7:00am Weightlifting

Happy birthday Emma! For time: 1000m Row - then 30-20-10 Wall Ball (9/6kg) Pull-Ups Situps - then 100 Double Unders -If you finish under: 15 mins + 50 Burpees 16 mins + 40 Burpees 17 mins + 30 Burpees 18 mins + 20 Burpees 19 mins + 10 Burpees Score = Time taken to complete main workout / Total time (number...   Are you getting ready to start the 30 day Healthy Habits challenge on Saturday, October 1?   Our Healthy Habits challenge has been a great success in the past and this year promises to be better than ever with the complete package to make positive changes to your...


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