Functional and intense fitness classes


Specialised classes to improve your Olympic lifting technique


CrossFit kids is a fun way to get your child moving


This class is a copy of adult CrossFit with a different flavour/culture


Our Legends program is designed for the older athlete


Pilates classes are run separately and by AK Pilates


Hire the equipment you need and exercise from home


High intensity interval training is circuit style training

Professional trainers

Our coaches and staff are professional and friendly, ready to help you achieve your goals and come fully qualified.  We love training and fitness and we love what we do.

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Owner, manager and head coach at CrossFit King. With over 16 years of experience as a secondary Physical Education teacher prior to opening his affiliate in 2010, Jim began his own CrossFit training in 2007. He currently holds a Level 3 CrossFit coaching certificate and Cert III and IV in Fitness and has seen thousands of members over the years transform their physical and mental selves through the daily application of proven training principles. He loves the variety and personal accountability of CrossFit, and favours the gymnastic elements.

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Head coach, teens coach and weightlifting coach at CFK. Kris has a passion for training and coaching that he brings to the gym every day delivering fun, energetic and challenging classes to the members. He has been involved in many CrossFit team and individual competitions and external weightlifting competitions with impressive results at state and national level.

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Owner of AK Pilates and Pilates but you may find her either training on the CrossFit floor or coaching when needed. April brings years of fitness training experience and currently holds a CrossFit Level 3 certificate in coaching. She can’t help herself when she’s in the room and will coach anyone around willing to listen.

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