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About CrossFit Kids

CrossFit kids is a fun way to get your child moving in various ways to improve their confidence, co-ordination, balance, agility, strength and fitness.  Classes will vary each lesson and involve a mix of play based games, weightlifting techniques, simple gymnastics, running, rowing, skipping, bodyweight exercises and more.

Our kids classes are designed for children aged 8-12 years of age. Younger kids may be involved but inclusion is based on individual assessment to ensure it is the right fit for the child, the teachers and the other students involved.

Important Information

Our CrossFit Kids and Teens classes run during school term only.

Costs:  $15 per child per session. ($150 ten packs are the preferred option)

All coaches involved in the CrossFit Kids and Teens programs have a current Blue Card and the appropriate fitness qualifications.

Please be on time to classes and keep siblings or other children in your care and in a safe area.  Equipment is only to be used while in the class and as instructed by the coaches.  Siblings not participating in class must not play on equipment.

To read our full policies and procedures regarding the safe handling and training of our children please click on the attached link.


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