WOD – Monday, 06/06/11

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  • Jess
    Posted at 18:58h, 05 June

    oh no, this is going to hurt!! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Adam
    Posted at 19:43h, 05 June

    Thanks Jimmy my favorite (sarcasm)

    • Paula
      Posted at 20:59h, 05 June

      Thanks Jimmy a fave of mine as well…..what happened to strength mondays

      • Jim King
        Posted at 21:04h, 05 June

        Set the alarm early, you don’t want to miss this one. Paula, today’s test of strength is getting out of bed. I don’t know where this idea of strength on Mondays came from anyway. It may have been a pattern for a while but it was never set into a template for our program.

  • Sonia
    Posted at 20:52h, 05 June

    This isn’t a good one for a Monday 🙁
    see you in the morning for the torture session!!!

    • Jim King
      Posted at 21:10h, 05 June

      I can’t think of a better one to get out of the way for the week. Oh wait, yes I can, but I’ve scheduled that one for thursday – which isn’t as tough as the one coming up on Saturday.

      • steph
        Posted at 12:20h, 06 June

        oh my goodness… I am anxiously awaiting Thursday and Saturday now…

        • jess
          Posted at 05:17h, 07 June

          I have a feeling there is a filthy 50 in there somewhere

  • Jim King
    Posted at 07:49h, 06 June

    6am (“Karen” / Finisher)
    Sandy 7:11 3kg / 4:45
    Sonia 11:45 4 kg / 5:20
    Steph 9:54 60@6kg, 60@5kg, 30@3kg / 5:09
    Paula 8:03 rxd / 6:01
    Minh 11:45 / 3:50
    Christian ? / 6:01
    Well done morning crew.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 07:56h, 06 June

    Sunday 5pm
    April 8:40 rxd / 4:40 rxd
    Jim 8:38 rxd / 3:43 rxd

  • Jess
    Posted at 12:48h, 06 June

    Didn’t have a babysitter this morning, so anxiously awaiting tonight….:) Um, what is finisher? Sounds scarey. Woo hoo (not)

    • brendan
      Posted at 14:04h, 06 June

      finisher is good
      nice to do 3 rounds of 3x 10 after doing 1 round of 150
      makes it seem easy

  • Jim King
    Posted at 14:16h, 06 June

    Jack 9:13 rxd (includes intermission @100 reps) / 6:57 rxd
    Brendan 7:52 rxd / 4:40 rxd
    Powerhouse Paula 7:38 rxd / 5:37 rxd How fast is she going to do it tonight??
    Rose 15:32 100@3kg pressouts / 13:08 mod

    • steph
      Posted at 14:21h, 06 June

      You are incredible girl. All of us groaned at the thought of doing it once!! You are my inspiration.

      • Paula
        Posted at 19:25h, 06 June

        Thanks Steph, that is so nice. See you tomorrow!

  • Jeff
    Posted at 16:39h, 06 June

    I am going to start referring to Paula as “The Machine”.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 19:23h, 06 June

    Sarah 13:33 4kg / 5:14
    Kate 9:07 4kg / 4:57
    Cam 9:28 rxd / 4:36 rxd
    Jo 9:33 rxd / 4:54
    Team Adam 4:51 (As Adam couldn’t get in to the Gym today we got his favourite workout done on his behalf)
    Jeff 12:28 rxd
    Liz 11:25 4kg / 5:32
    Jess 7:05 rxd / 4:16

  • Paula
    Posted at 19:30h, 06 June

    Jess! That is awesome!

    • brendan
      Posted at 19:35h, 06 June

      Jess that is awesome
      great work Jo

      • Paula
        Posted at 19:35h, 06 June

        Great work Jo!!!

        • Jo Genders
          Posted at 19:47h, 06 June

          and great work to you, Mrs twice over! Inspiring.

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 19:45h, 06 June

        Bloody hell, Jess! Top of the class! Top effort.
        Thanks Brendan – love being able to go rxd. I could do that all the time if there were no pull ups, push ups, 24” box jumps, 5km runs, K2E, muscle ups…

        • Jess
          Posted at 20:36h, 06 June

          Everyone did a great job today. I definitely surprised myself with that one. I think all the anxiety about it today built up the adrenaline. Starting with 50 straight up helped also and then 25, 25, then 5×10. Paula, you are the machine though doing it twice. Jo, second rxd, awesome!! And I am in the same boat as you. As long as there are no pull ups, muscle ups, K2E, and a few others…..:) Brendan, I agree, the finisher was nice after 1×150. 3×10 did seem easy, just wished I could have done the K2E properly. Nice work everyone. Looking forward to Thurs and Sat Jim. Sounds interesting….

  • Katie Brennan
    Posted at 19:52h, 06 June

    Hi All,
    Just a little bit glad I missed this one today, sounds tough! First game against SA tomorrow arvo will update you all on the result. Have a great week, missing crossfit already, it’s only been 2 days. Work hard! Talk soon 🙂

  • Cam Leggatt
    Posted at 20:23h, 06 June

    Great work everyone, and good job Kate and Jo overcoming the 24′ box jump!!!

    • Jim King
      Posted at 20:33h, 06 June

      Yep, that 24 foot box jump is a doozy alright!

    • Jess
      Posted at 20:38h, 06 June

      Good work girls!!

  • Jeff
    Posted at 12:58h, 07 June

    Comment no.30. I believe that this is a new CFK Comments record. Well done everyone.

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