Tuesday, 31/07/12

Tuesday, 31/07/12

5 rounds for time:
400m Run
30 Box Jumps (24/20″)
30 Wall Ball (9/6kg)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 08:50h, 31 July

  • Jo Genders
    Posted at 10:51h, 31 July

    Has RX for women changed for Kelly? I’ve done it twice at 24″. Does this mean I am a hero? Will there be a WOD named after me?

    • Jim
      Posted at 12:23h, 31 July

      Manager’s discretion. I don’t know how many other gyms would be insisting on games standard box jumps which is also manager’s discretion.

      • Jim
        Posted at 13:39h, 31 July

        More on that topic: The only authority that I’m aware of in terms of designating an absolute standard on any benchmark workout would be crossfit.com but they don’t apply any male/female distinctions except at competition level. So to be true Rx’d the female standard is 24″ box jumps and 9kg med ball to 10 foot target, just as it is for the men.

    • Jim
      Posted at 13:42h, 31 July

      Hero WODs are named after people who have died, be careful what you ask for.

    • Trent
      Posted at 15:48h, 31 July

      So Jo, to recap: You’re not a hero, you now have to do heavy med balls to a higher target, and jump on a higher box.
      I bet you’re glad you asked that question.

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 16:26h, 31 July

        I HAVE been jumping on a higher box! The medicine ball: forget it. Can I be half-a-hero?

        • Jim King
          Posted at 16:33h, 31 July

          Yes, you were jumping on the correct box height (24″) as recommended at the time. This is the first time I have chosen to nominate the female height at 20″ for “Kelly” as Rx’d and so this is now the standard for our gym. Other gyms may or may not be doing the same. Judging standards of movement can differ as well so it is not always possible to determine if our times/scores are directly comparable to other gyms as conditions vary. Included in this are the conditions of the run, sharing of equipment and/or space etc.

          • Jo Genders
            Posted at 17:32h, 31 July

            Cool. Will have to get a new Kelly time for this WOD. Just don’t get any ideas in your manager’s discretion for setting the box at 30″. 😉

        • Christian
          Posted at 18:32h, 31 July

          So … “Sweary Kelly”?

          • Jo Genders
            Posted at 19:14h, 31 July

            Fair cop.

  • Megan
    Posted at 11:15h, 31 July

    Oh no! I think you’re right Jo. Now that I think of it I’ve always done it with a 24″ box jump too…

    • Sue O
      Posted at 16:11h, 31 July

      Yeh you ladies are right last time I did it was 24″
      Though I must say haven’t conquered the 24″ since my mishap so gladly settled for the 20″

  • Jim King
    Posted at 16:49h, 31 July

    Ali 36:42 (stepups, 4kg)
    Sue O 21:43 (3rnds, 45 bj, 45 stepups)
    Luke 21:02 (3 rnds, 9kg)
    Phantom 31:55 (stepups, 6kg)
    Jono 37:49 Rx
    Andrew B 32:48 (20″, 9kg)
    Beth 28:10 (4rnds, 4kg)
    Andrew H 22:26 (3rnds, 20″, 10kg)
    David C 21:36 (3rnds)

  • Jim King
    Posted at 21:27h, 31 July

    Open Gym
    Dan 39:38 Rx
    David W
    CKZ 46:08 (Women’s Rx)
    Emma H 21:26 (half reps)
    Clay 31:48 Rx
    Torin 42:35 (20″, 4kg)
    Tim C 38:08 Rx
    GT 34:34 Rx
    Kim 31:57 (4kg, 20 reps)
    JC 33:14 Rx Boom!
    Lana 25:22 Rx
    Simon 31:07 Rx
    Ben 34:52
    Steve F 31:31 (20″, 6kg)
    Kate P 35? Rx
    Anita 29:33 (4 rnds, 4kg)
    Kelly 25:50 (4kg)
    Shelly 31:58 (3kg)
    Terry 22:00 mod
    Sarah 34:15 (4kg)

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