Thursday, 12/04/12

Thursday, 12/04/12

Missed it – happy 21st Birthday Bianca!
Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes:
400m Run
8 Ring Dips
16 Box Jumps (24/20″)
32 Double Unders

This is how everybody should watch TV. Charlie Genders, you are the future.


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  • Megan
    Posted at 21:54h, 11 April

    Man, Bec. See what I mean (re today’s WOD)?! Man I hate Murphy’s law!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 07:18h, 12 April

    Adam L Intro 2
    Sandy 5+12 bj mod
    Minh 4 mod
    Hutch 7+run
    Caitlin 4+7 bj
    Patrick 6 Rx
    Steph 3+16 bj
    Sabrina 5+11 bj
    Michael 5 Rx
    Tony M 6
    Kate P 5
    Jo D 4+18 du Rx+ (24″)
    Trent 8+8 rd Rx (on the money BB)

    • brendan
      Posted at 18:26h, 12 April

      missed it
      good work Trent

      • Trent
        Posted at 21:28h, 12 April

        Cheers mate. Jimmy destroyed that WOD! Huge effort mate!

  • Christian
    Posted at 08:49h, 12 April

    Doh! I was just about to leave for the 9:30 that isn’t on today.
    Does wrestling with the garden count as a WOD?

    • Christian
      Posted at 09:06h, 12 April

      In case it doesn’t: 12 min AMRAP situps 220

  • Jo Genders
    Posted at 19:04h, 12 April

    Quite proud of my little wall-walker!

  • Dan
    Posted at 19:31h, 12 April

    Was playing LEGO with kids in the gym and forgot to write my score up!
    6PM – Dangerous Dan – 4+10du (box dips)
    So many people there today!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:29h, 12 April

    Jim 9 Rx
    Jess 6+200m Rx
    Kim L 4+6 skip mod
    Kath L 5+run
    Matt D
    Jack 7+200m mod
    Arthur 4+80 singles
    Tim C 5+6 skip
    Bianca 5+run
    Tim G 4
    Rebecca G 5+run
    Megan 5+12 bj mod
    Lucy 4+run
    Jane C 5
    Ainslee 4+8 dips
    Matt G 6 Rx
    Ru 5
    Emma H
    Melita 4+8 dips
    Alyssa 2+8 dips
    Amir 4+50 singles
    Chris Bats. 3+8 dips
    Clay 4
    Jenny 5+16 bj
    Andy S
    Robyn 4+2 ring pulls
    Pip S 6+4 dips Rx
    Ali 5+8 dips mod
    Jan 5+8 dips
    Nic P 6+4 dips Rx
    Pip LF 6 mod
    Tim D 4 neg. dips
    Dangerous Dan (too excited about playing lego to post a score)
    Grant 5
    Leah 6+8 rd
    Joel 6+10 bj Rx
    Ian 5+10 bj
    Lauren 5
    Nick L 5+8 dips
    Penny 5
    Danny 4+run
    Rob C 6

  • Pip
    Posted at 21:28h, 12 April

    really enjoyed this one tonight – great WOD!! 🙂

    • Pip
      Posted at 21:29h, 12 April

      wow – did I just say that about a running wod?! haha 😀

  • Jessica
    Posted at 21:43h, 12 April

    Love the photo Jo. You should be proud!! Happy birthday Bianca! Sorry I did not say that to you tonight when I saw you.

    • Bianca
      Posted at 22:15h, 12 April

      Thanks Jess! And thanks everyone else 🙂

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