Thursday, 08/08/13

Thursday, 08/08/13

6.15pm – 7.00 pm
– Back Squat
2 x 5 x 85%
2 x 3 x 90%
Find 1RM
– Bonus work will be offered for those finishing early.

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  • Dan
    Posted at 22:59h, 07 August

    Bench press on Monday, squats on Thursday… this is your not so subtle way of getting Kat and I to do the WOD on Friday afternoon, right?

    • Jim
      Posted at 14:51h, 08 August

      You’ll want to. It includes a movement never programmed before at CFK.

      • Chakkerz
        Posted at 15:03h, 08 August

        OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! It’s the backward running one!!!! that’s why the shuttle runs were in there. Right? RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 18:13h, 08 August

        Can it include backward roll-to-handstand? I can do those 😉

        • Dan
          Posted at 19:24h, 08 August

          We’ve technically done this in the supplementary Gymnastics classes, but never a WOD that I can recall.

      • Dan
        Posted at 19:22h, 08 August

        I was going to guess “bicep curls”, but you’ve snuck them in before under a clever alias.

        • Jim King
          Posted at 20:56h, 08 August

          Actually Dan, you’ve picked it and you’re right. It’s bicep curls and they have come up before. Sorry to get everyone so excited – or disappointed. Ok, looks like we will have to go with max rep back flips off the mezzanine next Friday (with shake weights of course), and Christian I love your enthusiasm to see “Griff” come up but …… won’t.

          • Chakkerz
            Posted at 05:56h, 09 August

            We’d have to do it on a beach or in a park, else too many people would get hurt, but I think it would be really interesting…

      • Michael L
        Posted at 19:45h, 08 August

        At last ….. Shake weights!!!

    • Kat
      Posted at 17:16h, 08 August

      deadlifts. duh

  • Oz
    Posted at 09:15h, 08 August

    Name / Back Squat 1RM (kg)
    Jamie 110 (PB)
    Marc G 125 (PB)
    Julie N 40
    Sam H 100
    Hunty 100
    Kim L 60 (PB)
    Jess G 42.5 (PB)
    Chris V 100 (PB)
    Marty 82.5
    Kate K 50 (PB)
    Jon N 75
    Trent 150
    Rod 110
    Ross 65
    Bowie 90
    Niall 110 (PB)
    Billi 65
    Sumi 67.5
    Pam O 65
    Tracey 70
    Bec C 55 (PB)
    Naomi H 60 (PB)

  • Oz
    Posted at 11:26h, 08 August

    Hicksy 122 (PB)
    Krusher 175 (PB)
    Jono 135 (PB)
    Paige 65
    Alex C 85 (PB)
    The King 135 (PB)
    Julian 115 (PB)
    Leighton 90 (PB)
    Kelli S 55 (PB)
    AK47 18 + 9 push-ups
    Tiger 21 + 2 push-ups
    Krusherinator 20 + 1 push-up
    The King 22 + 3 push-ups
    Hicksy 19
    Paige 16 + 4 push-ups

  • Oz
    Posted at 19:06h, 08 August

    Danger Dan 115 (PB)
    Kat 57.5
    Dave M 105 (PB)
    Damo C 120
    Kyle 100 (PB)
    Reece K 120
    Mayhem 95 (PB)
    Tim S 125
    Linda 15 (5)
    Chakkerz 170
    Kath ‘perfect squat’ Lobb 67.5 (PB)
    Michael L 100 (PB)
    TK 140 (PB)
    Cam J 105 (PB)
    Ash M 97.5 (PB)
    Lana 82.5 (PB)
    Dani B 65 (PB)
    Ali M 55
    Deb 40
    Jesse 100
    Rob C 135
    Jury 120 (PB)
    Sam H2 125 (PB)
    Smithy 100 (PB)
    Pelin 65 (PB)
    Carly S 40
    Megan 85
    Stef 65 (PB)
    Kate P 80 (PB)
    50 air squat session champions
    5am Marc G 0:48
    6am Trent 0:49
    9:30am Paige 0:46 (gym champion and seeking challengers)
    4pm Tim S 0:47
    5pm TK 0:47
    6pm Kate P 0:47

  • Smithy
    Posted at 23:37h, 08 August

    Great to see so many PB’s today, inspiring stuff!

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