Sunday, 03/06/12 – Rest Day

Sunday, 03/06/12 – Rest Day

Two people who should be enjoying a rest today are Pip and Jess. They both performed brilliantly at the CrossFit Nitro Challenge on Saturday. After three ten minute AMRAPs Jess was placed second and Pip third overall. Then, after the demanding final event of the day Pip finished in second place and Jess in third with Emma Teede, an experienced and dedicated competitor, taking the top spot.
Well done girls!!
I want to add how pleased I was with the efforts of our morning classes in hitting “Randy” today. This was easily the best effort I have seen from a large group to maintain good lifting technique under the fatiguing conditions of this workout. It is great to see people paying attention to getting the movements right as well as hitting it with the intensity required to get a solid training effect. Let’s keep that mindset in future workouts. This establishes the platform for long term results.

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