Friday, 18/11/11

  • April King
    Posted at 20:31h, 17 November

    Hey everyone
    About the 26th Nov….what about we have the BBQ at our place after. There’s definitely going to be a BBQ free, we have a toilet (woohoo!) and there’s definitely room for you to play table tennis, darts or even swing on the swings if you like.
    Also, if you owe some burpees from the paleo challenge (or other) and have not paid your burpees owing by the 26th Nov,then I am afraid you will have to pay on the day BEFORE the challenge begins. This could be rather disadvantageous to your team, so let’s get burpeeing!!!!!

    • Megan
      Posted at 09:08h, 18 November

      But there’s no room for frisbee!!!

      • Jim King
        Posted at 10:57h, 18 November

        What else is a roof for?

        • Cecilia
          Posted at 20:03h, 18 November

          I am a sucker for a toilet….. so it is all good with me….

  • Ania
    Posted at 20:45h, 17 November

    Damn… going to miss out on the awesome workout (they are all awesome right??).
    The 26th sounds awesome. Can’t wait!
    P.S. April – I am pretty sure my face was still red at 9am when I got into uni!!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 18:20h, 18 November

    Jan 100kg
    Cecilia 55kg
    Meshelle 45kg
    Gerard 100kg
    Sabrina 45kg
    Corinne 37.5kg
    Trent 85kg
    Jo D 67.5kg
    John squatmaster
    Jack press/dips
    Juergen 70kg
    Catherine R 37.5kg
    Paula 70kg
    Nic P 75kg
    April 60kg
    *Open Gym*
    Dan M 75kg
    Trent 17:22 (“Michael” Rxd)
    Jess 70kg
    Lauren 50kg
    Jason B 8kg

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