Friday, 07/10/11

Friday, 07/10/11

Dave is bringing in some paleo cheesecake tomorrow, and if you’ve sampled any of the delights he’s brought in so far, you know you don’t want to miss out on that.
1km Run
100 Plank Rows
100 Heel Taps
100 Back Extension
1km Run

Not smiling, grimacing. (I know this because I asked.)

  • jess
    Posted at 21:58h, 06 October

    So excited! About this workout and the paleo cheesecake! Yummo!

  • Josh
    Posted at 06:54h, 07 October

    5pm it is!
    Hey, I’m interested in people’s reasons for doing Crossfit, to help stay motivated. Anyone feel like sharing?
    Here’s a couple of motivational reasons that I thought of yesterday:
    Reasons for doing Crossfit:
    1. Because you’re not going to forge elite fitness sitting at home on the couch.
    2. (If you’re on the intro offer) – because you’ve got to make sure you get your $20 worth 😉
    3. To ensure that in the 2012 apocalypse if it comes down to me or the other guy… it’s going to be me.

    • Tim
      Posted at 14:39h, 07 October

      I was on my way to the lolly shop around the corner but got lost and ended up at Crossfit and stupidly agreed to apaleo diet… (thought it had something to do with fossils)
      But seriously – summer is coming and I a bangin’ bikini body 😉

    • Jim King
      Posted at 14:52h, 07 October

      You’ve just motivated me not to get between you and your post-workout lentil spirulina tofu smoothie.
      Motivational reasons for doing CrossFit as seen by Jim through the eyes of some of the members:
      1. So you get to eat a Recovery bar guilt free. In fact, that’s motivation enough to come twice per day. (Jack)
      2. Just to get the anticipation of the hurt over with and experience the “Silence of the Butterflies” for just a few hours until the next workout is posted. (Jess)
      3. Just to see if that tweaky shoulder can deal with 100 Overhead squats anyway. (Arnie)
      4. Just to wear IT geek-freak t-shirts that noone understands, reminding everyone else of how inadequate we are in the tec age and that The Rise of the Nerds is in full swing. (Christian) Paleo is HISTORY man!
      5. To lift heavy stuff and plonk it down somewhere else (All the guys)
      6. To lift heavy stuff and plonk it down somewhere else gently (The ladies – well, most of you)

      • Sue
        Posted at 15:26h, 07 October

        Because I liked Paula and Megans Crossfit King long sleeve hot looking jacket. Didn’t think I should buy one without actually attending a few classes – and lovin it…and hey the $20 deal fantastic

      • Josh
        Posted at 16:32h, 07 October

        hahaha – here’s another few:
        * For the smell of eliteness
        * to make your hands look like you do more for a living than tapping a keyboard
        * Because when the UFOs land it’s going to be too late to hit the gym…

      • Christian
        Posted at 17:35h, 07 October

        It’s so nice and relaxing. Gets me out of the house. Mostly plays nice with my leg, with substitutions anyway. Makes me feel good about myself. Great supportive environment with fun people.

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 18:29h, 07 October

        Cause it’s the only public place where you can climb a rope, hold a plank, throw a wall ball, do a Turkish getup, skip double unders, swing a kettle bell around, jump on and off a box for 20 minutes, chalk up your hands and play around on roman rings without feeling like a total tosser! Oh, and because people notice when your guns are getting bigger! Best. Training. Regime. Ever.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 15:00h, 07 October

    Patrick 19:48
    Ania 22:08
    Lauren 22:58
    Jan 21:29
    Cecilia 22:39
    Meshelle 22:18
    Cath 24:49
    Trent 17:08 Rxd (5kg)
    Hutch 16:53 Rxd (70@5kg)
    Chris 23:46 (100/60/100)
    Danny 24:22 Rxd
    Jo D 23:03 Rxd (3kg/V-ups/GHD)
    Val 27:44 (30’s)
    Paula 24:37 (5kg/V-Ups/GHD)
    April 24:32 (8kg/V-ups/GHD)
    Regional WOD – 100 Pullups, 100 KB Swing 24kg, 100 Dble Unders, 100 OHS @ 42.5kg
    Jim 27:57 Rxd (Splits – 4:33, 11:20, 13:43, 27:57 (76 OHS @ 25 min mark))

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:14h, 07 October

    Dan intro
    Cam 17:43 (10kg)
    Jess 21:44 (8kg, GHD)
    Matt 19:42 (10kg)
    Pip 24:52 (5kg, GHD)
    Bec 23:26 (GHD)
    5pm Intro Group
    Dominic 19:32
    Paul 18:42
    Dave 26:22
    Kate P 24:40
    Declan 27:42
    Sue 21:05
    Josh 28:29
    Jason 26:21
    Tim intro 6:35 (3rft: 250m row, 10 squats, 10 power cleans @ 20kg)

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