To our valued and amazing AK Physiotherapy clients:


Some big changes to AK Physiotherapy are coming very soon. From Monday 17th August our physiotherapy clinic will be operating from 375 Logan Road, Stones Corner. In addition to having treatment from your usual and outstanding Physios :)(Emma, Sandy and April), you can score great coffee in the nearby cafes or drop in to Aldi for a weekly bargain.


Some things you need to know with the change:


– As mentioned the same great quality of care will be provided in the new location and you can still book in with your favourite Physios.


– AK Physiotherapy will remain closely connected to, and provide the same valuable support to all current and future members of Pilates and CrossFit King, both of which which will continue at the current location of 240 Evans Road.


– While AK Physiotherapy will have a new admin team Laura will still be available at the front desk in Salisbury to help with all of your Pilates or CrossFit King enquiries.


– Our phone number 0449 764 120 will remain the same for all your physiotherapy booking enquiries.


You will receive more information regarding the changes and location via email either in the coming days or when you make your next appointment.


Thank you all for supporting AK Physiotherapy and we hope we will continue to support you too in fixing all of your injury and health issues in the future.


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