Wednesday, 30/03/16

Wednesday, 30/03/16

Overhead Squat
5 x 5 x 75%
Snatch Balance
5 x 5
Back Squat
2 RM
In CrossFit the workouts can be so much more than just another workout,  particularly the strength days, Benchmark Girls and Hero WODs which are often repeated.  They are measures of your fitness, primarily as a marker of your personal accomplishments and secondly as a marker of where you stand relative to others. They can be used as a motivational tool to help you set goals and focus your training. They are diagnostic in their ability to show you where you lack elements of fitness. Record your numbers, reflect on your effort, apply yourself to improving your performance over time. Be patient, but determined and dedicated. There’s no point standing in front of a mirror wanting to lose the extra kilos or wanting greater muscle bulk. These metrics are achieved only when you chase the athletic performance required to have the desired effects. You can’t “lose weight”. You can’t “bulk up”. You can move better, move faster more often, lift heavier, eat cleaner. Only by focusing on performance goals can you create a healthy, positive, long term approach to your training. You are an athlete. Come to the gym with a plan. It is your plan. Attack it.

Tracey going after her “Kelly” goal.

Tracey pb


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