Wednesday, 22/10/14

Wednesday, 22/10/14

All members – It is great to see so many of you using the Crossover Symmetry and some of you are already noticing a positive difference as a result. As a reminder though, when you are finished using it please hook the system back up to the top loops or pack them away in their bags as when they are left on the bottom hooks they become a tripping hazard and are also likely to be damaged. Respect the equipment and it will give a long life of service. Thank-you.
For time:
4 Rope Climbs (Wear long socks)
40 Box Jumps (30/24″)
400m Run
6 Wall Climbs
60 Situps
600m Run
8 Muscle-Ups (sub jumping Bar M-Ups)
80 Double Unders
800m Run
Beast on GHD


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