Wednesday, 11/11/15

Wednesday, 11/11/15

Today is the last day to sign up for the CFK Club Championships. The Intermediate category is well supported, and the Rx’d division looks like an exciting line-up but we’ll be chasing a few more names there too. We would like to see more of our beginners jump on board and have a go. Well done to those beginners that have already signed up, but if you think you’re a beginner and you’re a bit nervous don’t overthink it, just do it. So many times I have heard beginners say they are not ready for competition, only to go along and watch one and then say afterwards “I could have done that.” So many times. Yes they could have, and the in-house comp is the perfect place to give it a go. It’s really not much different to any other day in the box. Come on beginners, get stuck in!

With a 20 minute time cap:

21 LH DB Snatch (20/15kg)

21 RH DB Snatch (20/15kg)

42 Goblet Lunges (20/15kg)

15 LH DB Snatch (20/15kg)

15 RH DB Snatch (20/15kg)

30 Goblet Lunges (20/15kg)

9 LH DB Snatch (20/15kg)

9 RH DB Snatch (20/15kg)

18 Goblet Lunges (20/15kg)


10 T2B

100m Run

10 Burpees

100m Run

Kel kbs


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