Tuesday, 08/04/14

Tuesday, 08/04/14

Back Squat
6 x 3 x 80 – 90% of 1RM
“The Seven” would take him a while at this pace, but a fair effort nonetheless at 190kg.

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  • Trent
    Posted at 20:10h, 07 April

    Read this today and found it interesting. And it’s the first thing I’ve ever heard from the big unit that isn’t in Russian.
    A Question with Klokov
    Q: As you’ve traveled the world doing seminars, what are some common mistakes you’ve observed?
    A: I would not call them mistakes but rather a bit of a problem due to lack of knowledge. Execution errors in the snatch and clean & jerk that come from improper muscular development. Either their backs are too strong compared to their legs or vice versa. Weightlifters have this balance in their muscles. Deadlifting trains this muscular balance incorrectly.
    Other mistakes that are made is putting the foot parallel in the starting position and improper final contact with the bar.

  • Alex c
    Posted at 20:59h, 07 April

    I noticed In weightlifting, weightlifters do 100-110% of 1RM for clean/snatch pulls, crossfitters do 150% or even more of their 1RM for pulls. Another funny thing I noticed is that I can strict and push press more than a girl who can clean and jerk 97kg….

    • Jim King
      Posted at 22:09h, 07 April

      Are you calling her weak Alex?
      I’m not sure if you guys are looking for comments or simply getting this info out there, but I’ll add something anyway.
      I read an article by a bloke who attended three weightlifting seminars presented by three different elite level speakers and he outlined the similarities and differences between them. One of them was Klokov. In the end, despite the similarities, if three identical clones followed the separate lifting techniques to the letter as detailed in each of the seminars you would have three different styles being expressed on the platform. I have also heard from various sources that many Olympic Lifting coaches avoid training the deadlift too often for fear it will negatively affect their clean/snatch technique.
      Regarding the lifting numbers and percentages, it is a very natural thing for most CrossFitters to have greater basic strength numbers as a percentage of their Oly lifts due to the highly technical nature of Olympic Lifting and the enormous number of dedicated hours required to develop those techniques. Also, we train deadlift very regularly as it is a highly functional movement. Normal, everyday life requires us to deadlift far more often and usually far heavier (if you’re talking max efforts) than we need to get things overhead. Functionally speaking our deadlift should be much greater than our clean and our overhead presses and push presses should be trained more often than the jerks. From a weightlifting as a specialised sport perspective, MUCH more time needs to be invested in technique to see us reach our potential in that discipline.

      • Trent
        Posted at 09:59h, 08 April

        I was information sharing, but i think Alex was letting everyone know she’s a unit with a massive strict and push press! ahaha

  • Jim King
    Posted at 07:43h, 08 April

  • Alex C
    Posted at 13:54h, 08 April

    Just sharing info I found interesting. Not concerned.
    Hahaha nothing impressive about pressing more then a -53kg female weightlifter. WELL it was the first time I felt kinda strong at cougars , so I’ll take it .. .I’ll let her know AMRAPs are much more effective,… if she wants to press more then me.

  • Benny
    Posted at 18:17h, 08 April

    Hey Guys, does anyone heading up to the comp on the weekend have a spare seat? I am chasing a lift. I am happy to supply pre departure coffee.

    • Trent
      Posted at 09:04h, 09 April

      I’m driving up mate. Can you get my number from one of the coaches at the gym and we’ll organise it?

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:26h, 08 April

    Apologies to the 9.30 group, we missed the photo shoot.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:28h, 08 April

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