Tuesday, 02/08/12

Tuesday, 02/08/12

We are now working off the new timetable. Please check it by clicking here. The 7am and 4pm  classes on Tuesday and Thursday are a trial to see how many of you will access these times and whether it is worthwhile scheduling more of them or deleting/changing them again.
1 RM
Push Press
2 RM
1 RM

  • Jim King
    Posted at 08:50h, 02 October

    Jon N 50/55/65
    Michael R 35/40/45
    Alex G 60/65/65
    Chris V 42.5/45/40
    Caitlin 18/20.5/28
    Cecilia 40/50/60
    Jan 75/80/110
    Rod 62/80/95
    Megan P 37.5/55/60
    Damo 75/80/85
    Megan A 18
    Trent 62/80/92.5
    Kyle 45/55/60
    Craig 57.5/60/70
    Dave C W2
    Jim 70/80/90
    Jess L 9:42 Rx (CFBR WOD) / 18:05 Rx “Wittman” / 40/52.5/65
    Pip S 42.5/55/67.5
    April 37.5/45/55 / 19:21 Rx “Wittman”

  • Trent
    Posted at 12:44h, 02 October

    April – You have the brotential to be a regular ‘bro’ at Friday’s 4 Minute Challenge! Did you smash a brotein shake afterwards?
    BTW, everyone is welcome to have a crack during Friday’s Open Gym. It’s CFK vs CFL, and only 4 minutes… how hard could it be?

    • April
      Posted at 21:32h, 02 October

      Am planning to wear my bro gear this fri arvo Trent…..I think it will help me to smash it!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 17:29h, 02 October

    Locky 55/65/80
    Jono 55/65/70
    Kim L 25/25/25 + finisher
    Tanya F 25/25/25
    Gerald 55/55/55
    Kris 75/85/95
    Chris Bats 20/30/35
    Steph 42.5/50/60
    Greg P Intro 2
    Dan 52.5/62.5/75
    Shawry 60/62.5/70 + finisher
    Steve F 60/65/65 + finisher
    CKZ 67.5/80/82.5
    Luke G 52.5/55/60 + finisher
    Ash 47.5/52.5/60
    Mick G 57.5/?/?
    Kim Le 20/25/27.5 + 1000km row (I type what I see on the board. I can’t say she didn’t.)
    Mad Dog
    Matt G 80/90/97.5
    Lana 37.5/42.5/40
    Alex F 21.5/28/28
    Jo G 40/50/60
    Patrina 27.5/35/40
    Clay 70/80/70
    Steve H
    Matt H 50/60/75
    Kat 30/35/47.5
    Kam 62.5/62.5/62.5
    Gorgeous 67.5/77.5/85
    Sean B 60/65/75
    Kelly H 20/22.5/25
    Tim W 62.5/80/85
    Mark R 35/45/60
    Sam T 50/60/65
    Brendan J 50/52.5/50
    Grant d 32.5/40/42.5
    Megan A Intro 2
    Dave W 52.5/67.5/60

    • Kim Le
      Posted at 00:06h, 03 October

      Well this is embarrassing. I guess my arms a bit shaky from trying to lift more than I can handle.

      • Jim King
        Posted at 07:07h, 03 October

        So not shaky from 1000km of rowing? You’re a machine!

    • Kat
      Posted at 21:19h, 03 October

      Only just realised I achieved a new 1RM for press. Here I was thinking I failed my previous 1RM by a funt load, but I had the wrong number in the 10s column. Go me!

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