Thursday, 18/02/16

Thursday, 18/02/16

– The Open begins next Friday. I encourage you to register and be involved in the next five weeks of testing your fitness. Yes, it’s challenging, but it’s also worth it and you are already challenging yourself every day you walk in to the gym. Commit yourself and register, you won’t regret it. Remember to select CrossFit King as the affiliate and also as your team.
– Just a reminder that April’s Thursday night Gymnastics classes are included in the CrossFit Plus membership, or $5 on a casual basis. Please be proactive in paying this to April (or another coach) before the class begins.
– Also, the Crossover Symmetry bands must be returned to the eye level hooks after you have used them. Do not leave them on the low hooks where they get damaged and are a tripping hazard to other members.
Thanks everyone and REGISTER FOR THE OPEN!
KB Hang Cleans
5 x 10
Weighted Dips
5 x 10
For time:
500m Row
3 Minute Plank
Lloyd oh


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