Thursday, 14/01/16

Thursday, 14/01/16

– Gymnastics is on tonight at 6:45pm with April – Muscle-Ups, strength and skill work, core strength and flexibility.
– Remember to book in for the barbell WOD on Saturday. Other than the booking process this is a regular Saturday workout. We are organising it this way to ensure everyone gets a rower to themselves for the duration of the workout.

Thursday WOD
– If you are holding off deadlifts at the moment come in and apply the rep scheme to a different strength element.
1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 30
– In this workout the single reps are heavy, preferably holding the same weight (approx 85% of 1RM) across all three singles but changing weight if you or the coach feels it is the smart thing to do, and the big reps are much lighter loads decreasing in weight significantly across the three sets.

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