Thursday, 13/08/15

Thursday, 13/08/15

Fantastic turnout for “Gaza” on Wednesday and so many people working hard. It’s always good to watch the Partners attack a tough workout like that and the effort to help each other out and push through to the finish. Well done to GT completing it as Rx’d in 63:27. “Faster than lightning. Stronger than Steel. Smarter than a speeding bullet!” (Super Grover.) And he is cute too! (Super Grover again)
– Reminder that 4pm Friday is now a regular CrossFit Class.
– Open Gym on Friday runs from 5 to 6pm.
– With Paige away this week April will be running Gymnastics at 4pm and Weightlifting from 5:00 to 5:45pm on Friday.
– If you are on the CrossFit Plus membership rate and coming in to do the extra work check with the coaches about a suitable area of the gym to train. 
0:00 – 6:00
8 Thrusters
6:00 – 12:00
10/7 Kipping Ring Dips
10/7 Kipping Pull-Ups (if you missed out on Wednesday’s workout)
12:00 – 18:00
Team Prowler
Ricky bike 2


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