Sunday, 16/03/14 – Rest Day

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  • Sarah LJ
    Posted at 10:07h, 16 March

    14.3 – what a back killer!
    I know mobility has been cancelled but is there any chance you would like to run a special back mobility session Monday night??

  • April King
    Posted at 10:22h, 16 March

    Post 14.3 back care….. stay off the rollers/balls today on the back itself but please do stretch your hip flexors/quads/hamstrings/glutes/upper back and feel free to roll on these areas with a trigger ball if they are not too sore. As for the lower back itself you can use gentle cat curls, child’s pose, knee rocks from side to side while lying on your back to free up the movement slowly. As with delayed onset of muscle soreness anywhere else in your body this will take approximately 3 days to run it’s course. You may also try to strap your lower back (if you do not react to tape) as a method of providing some compression or where skins (top/bottom – anywhere you need it) 🙂
    As for a mobility class on a monday night, I am sorry but this is not possible for me. 🙁
    Take care everyone and enjoy your Sunday.

  • Ash
    Posted at 13:07h, 17 March

    Glad you didn’t post the video of the mnd day 🙂

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