Saturday, 17/11/12

Saturday, 17/11/12

For time:
50 Pull-ups
400m Run
21 Thrusters (42.5/30kg)
800m Run
21 Thrusters (42.5/30kg)
400m Run
50 Pull-ups
50 Pushups
400m Run
21 SDHP (32kg, 24kg KB)
800m Run
21 SDHP (32kg, 24kg KB)
400m Run
50 Pushups

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  • Jim King
    Posted at 12:04h, 17 November

    Sandy 24:46
    Michael R 20:30 (30kg)
    Dave C 25:15 (30kg)
    Hutch 26:15
    Ax 26:30 (30kg)
    Tanz 24:30
    Emma H 22:13
    Beth 20:58
    Sarah R 30ish (20kg)
    Gerald 29:56 (35)
    Sam T 23:30
    Jack L 28:31 (20kg)
    Steve F 23:46 (32,5kg)
    Bex 22:02
    Tim W 20:30
    Jess L 20:43 rx
    Jono 24:23 rx
    Kath L 35:36 rx
    Kris 19:54 rx
    Trent 16:16 rx
    Michael L 29:27 rx
    Probes 23:13 rx
    Jo G 39:13 rx
    Brendon M 13:56 rx
    Jim 14:43 rx

  • Jim King
    Posted at 12:09h, 17 November

    John K 20:30
    Kate K 22:30 (12kg)
    Kate P 20:53 (24kg)
    Ali 21:19 (16kg)
    Gerard 19:01 (16kg)
    Dave M 21:23
    Shelly 19:54 (12kg)
    Kim L 22:30 (20kg)
    Caitlin 20:50 (12kg)
    Patrina 20:14 (24kg)
    Dean S
    RV 16:58 (20kg)
    Ben P 22:30 (32kg)
    Sam D 14:51 (16kg)
    Terry R 19:50 (20kg)
    Reece 16:20 (40kg)
    Steve H 18:57 (Friday WOD)

  • Trent
    Posted at 13:03h, 17 November

    Jo – your effort today was rad to the power of sic! And even though I didn’t see it, April your muscle ups earlier in the week was too!
    Beer o’clock for me now. Enjoy your healthy habits challenge!

  • Kate Kotzur
    Posted at 16:03h, 17 November

    Well done jo! Very inspiring – look after those hands!!!!

  • jess
    Posted at 12:06h, 18 November

    Brendan, didn’t get to say it to you but SMOKIN’ time!!! Nice chase Jim 😉 Trent, you are always a machine, Jo and Kath top effort ladies!! To everyone else, you are all amazing and we are so proud of your consistent efforts. Enjoy a rest and see you all back in the box on Monday

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