Saturday, 14/03/15

Saturday, 14/03/15

We will be running the workout in continuous waves until we’re all done, starting as soon as possible after 6.30am for the first wave. However, the last wave will start no later than 9:15 so please don’t arrive late and expect to have first choice of equipment and all morning to do the workout.
With Muscle-Ups as the first movement of the Rx’d division many of you will be wanting last minute Muscle-Up coaching or wanting to do the scaled alternative. We will have coaches on deck to help those in need of some last minute advice with their Muscle-Ups, but we only have three 4kg medicine balls, so if you are female and keen to do the scaled option you will need to get in quick (early) to ensure every opportunity to use the lighter ball. Of course you are always welcome to use the regular 6kg ball.
We have already had some people get their first ever Muscle-Up(s) in doing this workout. This is part of the beauty of registering for the Open. So many people achieve things they thought were beyond them and see that all their hard work and training is worth every bit of it. Congratulations to those that have gone beyond what they thought possible and for those that strive and don’t quite make it, use the experience to grow stronger, more dedicated, and the results will come your way just as it has for the others. 
Games Open 15.3
AMRAP in 14  minutes:
7 Muscle-Ups
50 Wall Ball (9/6kg)
100 Double Unders
**Extra Work
7 x 5 Push Press (cleaned)

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