Saturday, 06/12/14

Saturday, 06/12/14

There is no Mobility session today and the Monday night Mobility sessions are on hold until next year, so grab a mobi-buddy and roll, trigger, mash and smash together.
The planned schedule for the gym over the Christmas period is currently as follows:
Dec 24, Wed. 6 to 8am Open Gym
Dec 25, Thurs. CLOSED
Dec 26, Fri. CLOSED
Dec 27, Sat. CLOSED
Dec 28, Sun. CLOSED
Dec 29, Mon. 6 am Class. 5.30pm Class
Dec 30, Tues. 6 am Class. 5.30pm Class
Dec 31, Wed. 7 to 9am Open Gym
Jan 1, Thurs. CLOSED
We have a team competing this weekend at the Allstar Affiliate Series final – April, Lanz, Allie, Trent, Krusher and Jim. You can follow the event through the FB page: Allstar Affiliate Series
WOD (Scaling and wet weather options will be presented at the gym)
With a 20 minute time cap:
2 rft:
29 Squats
200m Run
29 Burpees
200m Run
29 Jumping Lunges
200m Run
29 Pushups
200m Run
Then in the time remaining:
AMRAP Clean and Jerk (62.5/45kg)

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