Monday, 18/05/15

Monday, 18/05/15

Well done to Kris Corrie who had a big weekend of competition. At Cougars on Saturday he qualified for the Nationals in weightlifting and on Sunday, in the CrossFit Electrify competition, he placed  third  after the initial workouts were completed but withdrew from the final. Well done also to Trent who placed seventh on Sunday and to Alex Herewini, placing ninth in his first comp.
0 – 10  minutes:
400m Run buy in then AMRAP:
1 Wall Climb (^3m Handstand Walk)
2 Toes-to-Bar (^Bar Muscle-Ups)
3 SDHP (30/20kg) (^45/30kg)
4 Lateral Burpees (^Double Jump)
No rest
10 – 20 minutes
400m Run buy in then AMRAP:
1 Snatch (30/20kg) (^45/30kg)
2 Overhead Squats (30/20kg) (^45/30kg)
3 Power Snatches (30/20kg) (^45/30kg)
4 Clean Wall Balls (9/6kg) (^11.5/10′)

Ash clean


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