Monday, 09/02/15

Monday, 09/02/15

We’re revisiting this workout from Jan 23. The challenge of course is to improve on your last effort both in the 5RM and the metcon. You might choose to go with the same weight as last time in the metcon and try to go faster or hold on for longer without dumping the bar, or go heavier and test yourself against the bigger load.
Push Press
5 RM
– cleaned
– continuous reps
3 rounds for time:
10 Push Presses @ 60% of 5RM (approx. Use your last effort as a benchmark to guide your decision on weight.)
10 Front Squats
*Optional extra:
30 Hand Release Pushups
30 Power Cleans
(10 minute time cap for Part B including extras)
group plate wod


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