Monday, 05/05/14

Monday, 05/05/14

We will be hosting a couple of visiting CrossFitters from CF Aberdeen and they have requested the following workout to pay their respects to one of their fellow members. CrossFit Aberdeen did this workout on Saturday and our visitors were unable to do it with them as they were en route to Australia. A number of other boxes around the world are also doing it and there is an associated charity for anyone wishing to donate. Click here and take a moment to read their Facebook post.
In teams of 3
5 rounds for time:
33 Power Cleans (80/60kg)
12 Tyre Flips
420m Team Run
Cash out – 129 Burpees.
When you arrive at the gym organise a group of three where you are likely to be able to Power Clean the same weight. You will be briefed with scaling options and some modifications to the workout as we only have one tyre.



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