Monday, 02/11/15

Monday, 02/11/15

The CrossFit King In-House comp will take place on Saturday, November 14. All of the workouts will be completed by mid-morning and we’ll have a casual social function immediately after the presentations. I encourage all of you to nominate to compete. In the end, it’s just a workout so don’t get stressed about your level. It doesn’t matter on any normal day at the gym and you’ll find it’s no different on comp day.

You will have the option to contest one of three divisions. When we release the workouts this week nominate your preferred division either at the front desk or by emailing [email protected] Also, if you are able to help out with the running of the day we’ll be calling for volunteers too. You can even do both.

The day is also doubling as a fund-raiser for our team travelling to Melbourne for the Allstars final and the nomination fee to compete is $10, payable by cash at the front desk. All donations very much appreciated.

Barbell Complex for max load:
Power Clean + Push Jerk + Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk

Front Squat
5 x 10
– Start at 50% of your 1RM and increment if you can.
– Rest 2 minutes between sets

The podium shots from last year’s comp day. Top left: Ladies Beginner/Intermediate. Top right: Mens Beginner/Intermediate. Bottom left: Ladies Rx’d. Bottom  right: Mens Rx’d.

Podium 2014


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