Members please note

Members please note

We have had a strong interest in the option to run a CrossFit Kids class on Thursday afternoons at 5pm. As this was a new addition to the timetable we needed to wait and see if we had the numbers to justify the timetable change. This change will go ahead from tomorrow until the end of the school term and will be re-evaluated at the end of the term.

This will have an impact on the regular CrossFit classes at that time. There will be no adult class scheduled for this time (Thursdays, 5pm only) for the duration of the kids’ term, however, as a trial, tomorrow there will be a limited Open Gym for members. The 4pm and 6pm classes will run as per normal.

Depending on the nature of the class planned for the kids a portion of the gym will be designated Open Gym space that may be used for the whole hour. Whether the Open Gym option continues will be determined by the impact it has on running the kids class, which will have priority use for that hour.We apologise if this causes an inconvenience to some members. We took a lot of time and care trying to determine the best time of the week to offer a kids class that would have the least amount of impact on the adult timetable. We hope you support our endeavour to introduce the kids program in a positive, productive environment.Many thanks,
Jim and April.

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