Friday, 21/12/12

  • Oz
    Posted at 11:07h, 21 December

    5:15 am
    Michael R 16:40 Rx
    Gerard 15:24 Rx
    Kim L
    John K 15:04 (16kg)
    Jamie 15:43 Rx
    Alex F 15:40 (16kg)
    Chris V 12:40 (16kg)
    Suzy 15:02 (12kg)
    Kate K 15:54 (12kg + normal PU)
    6:00 am
    Tom K 16:40Rx
    Steve F 12:42 Rx
    Hutch 14:40 Rx
    JB 17:11 (Quote “why does there have to be running in this one?”)
    Shelly 13:38 (12kg)
    Sharelle 12:09 (16kg)
    Beth 13:55 (12kg, mod)
    Hayley 12:57 (12kg)
    Geoff 15:00 (16kg)
    Lizzie B 13:59 (6kg)
    Emma P 15:30 (16kg)
    Gill 13:20 (16kg)
    Estella 18:20 (FIRST WOD)
    Pip Back Squats
    Jess L Front Squats
    9:30 am
    Krusher 11:39 Rx
    K-Star 14:26 (12kg)
    RV 21:15 (20kg, mod)
    Phantom 16:40
    Alice 15:39 (12kg)
    Alex C 15:40 (2 x 16kg, 1 x 12kg)
    Emma H 14:48 (12kg)
    Kate P 15:41 (16kg)
    Ben P 13:50 Rx FIRST RX EVER!

  • Kim
    Posted at 11:24h, 21 December

    I forgot to post my time this morning – 16:27 @12kg

  • Oz
    Posted at 18:54h, 21 December

    Open gym
    Simon “Murph” 61:15
    Jono “Murph”
    Krusher “Murph” 56:29
    Reece ‘Ninja’ K
    Sam D ‘KB complex’ 13:01 (12kg)
    Mad dog
    CKZ “McGhee” 8 Rx
    Jen ‘KB complex’ 16:31 (8kg)
    J-M ‘KB complex’ 15:30 (24kg)
    Kyle ‘KB complex’ 15:30 Rx
    Dave C ‘KB complex’ 17:03 Rx
    Craig S “12 days of Christmas” 23:24 Rx
    Reece B “12 days of Christmas” 34:10 (mod)

  • Jono
    Posted at 20:00h, 21 December

    forgot to put my time up, think it was around 68:20

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