Friday, 21/03/14

Friday, 21/03/14

Games Open 14.4
On Saturday we will be running the Games Open 14.4 workout for all members in rolling waves of eight people beginning at 6.30am. There will be a designated warm-up area where you will also be briefed on the workout and as soon as one wave is finished and the next eight people are ready the clock starts again. If you have finished your workout and can help judge the next group that would be greatly appreciated.
So, starting at 6.30am there are no separate class times, just continuous waves for the 14 minute AMRAP until we’re done.
Watch the movement standards here.
Power Clean + Push Jerk
3RM touch’n’go
3 Rep “Grace”
Every 30 seconds complete three touch’n’go Power Clean + Push Jerk at a weight as heavy as you are able, until 30 reps have been completed. If you do not complete the set unbroken those reps don’t count. Reduce weight if necessary to finish all thirty reps.
Next stop: 1 set, unbroken.


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