2016 CrossFit King Team Challenge

2016 CrossFit King Team Challenge

We have 12 teams competing on Saturday. I have organised everyone who put their name down into a team. If you indicated to me that you wanted to be on a team and you’re not on the list let me know asap.
I have also had to provide a name for a number of teams. These were spur-of-the-moment (and pretty lame) so I’m sorry but no correspondence will be entered into.
Please remember to bring a plate to share for lunch afterwards.
Here is the running order for the day. These are approximate times and if we can get through it any faster we will. Be ready to go if you are called.
7am Event Grand Opening and Briefing
Event 1 – ORGANISED CHAOS (Rowing, Double Unders, Box Jumps, KB Swings, Pull-Ups, Shuttle Runs)
Heat    Start Time      Team 1                         Team 2
1           7:30                 Party Mix                    4Pac

2          8:00                 Somebodies                Nobodies
3          8:30                 Cross$hits                   Kim’s Killers
4          9:00                 Sometimes Rx             Ax-Men
5          9:30                 Mad Dog’s Minions    Gun Show
6          10:00               O.G.s                            Sweet Baby G-Sus
Event 2 – NEED FOR SPEED (Shoulder-to-Overhead, Toes-to-Bar)
Heat    Start Time      Team
1           7:30                 Sometimes Rx
2          7:45                  Ax-Men
3          8:00                Mad Dog’s Minions
4          8:15                 Gun Show
5          8:30                O.G.s
6          8:45                Sweet Baby G-Sus
7          9:00                Party Mix
8          9:15                 4Pac
9          9:30                Somebodies
10        9:45                Nobodies
11        10:00              Cross$hits
12       10:15                Kim’s Killers
**The heat list for Event 3 will be determined by team placings after the first two events.
Event 3 – POWER UP (Power Cleans, Front Squats, Rope Climbs)
Heat    Start Time         Team 1           Team 2
1            11:00                 Scaled 6         Scaled 5
2            11:10                 Scaled 4         Scaled 3
3            11:20                Scaled 2          Scaled 1
4            11:30                Rx’d 6              Rx’d 5
5            11:40                Rx’d 4              Rx’d 3
6            11:50                Rx’d 2              Rx’d 1
Presentations and Lunch
TEAM                          WEAPONS                                                      DIVISION
Party Mix                   Gary B, Dave C, Simon M, Kelsey                Scaled
4Pac                            Karsten, Steve H, Marla, Lisa C                   Scaled
Somebodies               Cam K, Jon G, Tracey M, Mercedes             Scaled
Nobodies                    John K, Michael M, Maddy M, Georgia      Scaled
Cross$hits                  Rob C, Ash M, Susan S, Kath L                     Scaled
Kim’s Killers              Gruzz, Wayne, Stef P, Kim                            Scaled
Sometimes Rx            Dan M, Brett, Bel, Sophie                             Rx’d
Ax-Men                       Ax, Jono, Clauto, Luke F                               Rx’d
Mad Dog’s Minions   Reece K, Dom, Lanz, Trinz                           Rx’d
Gun Show                   Krusher, Alex, Tash, Loz                               R’xd
O.G.s                            Lowndesy, Foxy, Rourkey, Naomi              Rx’d
Sweet Baby G-Sus     Rod, Grant B, Courts, Jo G                           Rx’d
bunch of champs

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