WOD – Thursday, 30/09/10

WOD – Thursday, 30/09/10

Triple AMRAP I

AMRAP #1 in 8 mins

3 SDHP (40/30kg)

5 Chest to Overhead  (40/30kg)

7 Front Squat  (40/30kg)

Rest 3 mins then:

AMRAP #2 in 8 mins

3 Ring Dips

5 KB swings (24/16kg)

7 Overhead lunge (20/15kg)

Rest 3 minutes then:

AMRAP #3 in  8mins

3 Burpees

5 Dumbell snatch  alternating hands each round (20/15kg)

7 Calories on the rower

Post number of completed rounds to comments.




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  • Jimmy King
    Posted at 19:38h, 30 September

    AMRAP #3 was done as a warmup, so the workout was reduced to to a Double AMRAP instead of the Triple.
    April #1 3rnds+13reps rxd #2 6rnds+3reps (dip station) = 9rnds+16 reps total
    Jacqui #1 6rnds+3reps (purple band,12kgKB,10kgOHL) #2 7rnds+8reps (20kg) = 13rnds+11reps total
    Adam #1 6rnds+6reps rxd #2 8rnds (dip station) = 14rnds+6reps total
    Megan #1 7rnds+13reps (13kg) #2 8rnds+11reps (purple band, 12kgKB, 10kg) = 15rnds+24reps total

  • Jimmy King
    Posted at 20:07h, 30 September

    Time zone should be fixed now so the comments are posted at normal times.

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