WOD – Thursday, 26/08/10

WOD – Thursday, 26/08/10

AMRAP #1 in 8 mins
7 SDHP (50/35kg)
10 Pushups – take hands off the ground at the bottom of the movement
Rest 3 mins and then:
AMRAP #2 in 8 mins
7 Chest to overhead (50/35kg)
10 Pullups
Add total rounds and partials from both AMRAPS and post to comments.

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  • Bill S
    Posted at 16:31h, 26 August

    Congrats Jimmy!! Love the name and the website looks great….we’ll have to organise Greg B to come up for a session!!! 🙂 Hope alls well. Catch up soon mate.

  • Jimmy King
    Posted at 19:08h, 26 August

    AMRAP #1 7rnds + 2SDHP (40kg)
    AMRAP #2 8rnds + 2C2OH (40kg, Jumping pulls)
    = 15rnds + 4 reps
    AMRAP #1 8rnds + 7SDHP + 6PU (18kg, knee pushups)
    AMRAP #2 6rnds + 4C2OH (18kg, green band)
    = 14rnds + 17reps
    AMRAP #1 8rnds + 7SDHP + 5PU
    AMRAP #2 5rnds + 4C2OH
    = 13rnds + 16reps rxd
    Hey Bill, I was excited to see a comment lurking in the bank when I went to put up this post. You’re the first “guest” on the site. Thanks for the comment, you’re a generous bloke. The website’s pretty basic but it would improve out of site with a photo of your good self and GB in the familiar post-WOD pose at CFK. Cheers big unit, see you soon.
    PS: Has the kid in your profile pic come back down yet?

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