WOD – Thursday, 07/04/11

WOD – Thursday, 07/04/11

Row 2km
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We will also be working skills today.  We will have certain skills stations ready for you but you can come to the gym with something in mind to work on.

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  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:45h, 26 April

    Jeff 7:42.6 PB well done MeTTT (con)
    Paula 8:36.4 Legs legs legs
    Sandy 10:00.0 We’ll never see this time again
    Bertha “Bertha’s WOD” 27:25 Going great Bertha
    Brendan 7:12.9 Smokin!!
    Jo 8:54.1 I don’t know if hate is a strong enough word
    Tani 10:10.0 Smooth action, as always, had a bit left in the tank though I reckon
    Son 10:03.2 Honest effort Son, you pushed it hard through to the end
    Louise 9:41.8 Form is your friend, Biggest Losers look and learn
    Sarah 10:59.4 Still upright at the end of the session, most improved award
    Jeff – Abs of steel crunchfest on the rippletron and abDOMINATOR
    Jim 7:22.0 Brendan’s time started to slip despairingly out of reach at about the 600m to go mark, so it was a matter of by how much over the last 300m.
    Posted by: Jimmy King | 04/07/2011 at 08:05 PM
    You know I don’t hate it as much as I say I do Jimmy. Although coming under 9 minutes was definitely motivated by my desire to get it over with!

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