WOD – Monday, 11/10/10

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  • Jimmy King
    Posted at 18:40h, 09 October

    Hey Tani, I nearly missed your Thursday comment.
    You got yourself started, we’ve just joined in on the ride. It’s great having you here. We feel blessed with the super bunch of people we’ve got turning up to our humble backyard box and getting stuck in.
    I accept your comment as being a well informed one as you covered just about every available square foot of the place in the process of completing your workout. I wonder if your travelling burpee technique makes them any easier – a change being as good as a holiday and all that you went on a burpee tour of CFK. You pushed hard to the end, well done.
    See you soon.

  • Jimmy King
    Posted at 20:05h, 11 October

    April 22:32 (abmat situps & back extensions)
    Jac 23:33 (abmat situps & back extensions)
    Adam 20:31 (row, abmat situps & back extensions)
    Tani 25:35 (skip 400reps, abmat situps & back extensions – 50/30/30)
    Paula 25:18 (3/4 GHD situps, back extensions)
    Brendan 27:25 (plyo-box back extensions & abmat situps)
    Jim 24:24 (plyo-box back extensions & abmat situps)
    Well done crew. A top effort just being here given the conditions you knew you’d be working in, reinforcing what I said above. April and I are inspired by you guys.
    Paula gets the inaugural CFK TAN (Tough As Nails) Award for her GHD work tonight.

  • A Facebook User
    Posted at 02:15h, 12 October

    Ha ha ha. Yeh I couldn’t decide where to go – being new I hadn’t tried all the possies yet 😉

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