Tuesday, 05/05/15

Tuesday, 05/05/15

This Saturday we will be running the WOD for Nepal. This is a fundraising event that is open to all of our members to be involved in but also to get a non-CrossFit friend involved as well. For a cash donation to the fundraiser they will participate in a workout alongside our regular members. CrossFit boxes around the world are doing the same so come along on Saturday, bring a friend, donate to this worthy cause.
2 x 10 minute EMOMs
3 Deadlifts @ 75 – 80% of 1RM
+ Optional 3 Strict HSPU or 1 Wall Climb
100m Row
Score = Fastest + Slowest interval

Photo pinched from Patrina Kaipuke’s Facebook page. (The red-eye fix was not me.)

Strong fit chicks


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