Thursday, 31/05/12

Thursday, 31/05/12

Weighted Pullups
4 Rounds for time:
20 Wall Ball (10/6kg)
10 Stepups (5xL, 5xR 16/12kg)
10 Close Grip Pushups
Focus: Snatch Pulls
– transfer skills and strength development

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  • Jim King
    Posted at 15:21h, 31 May

    Dave W Intro 2
    Megan -/ 14:28 Rx+ (9kg WB)
    Jon N -/11:53 (6kg WB)
    John A -/-
    Trent 15kg/10:23 Rx
    David C -/10:17 (6kg WB, 16kg KB)
    Bianca -/13:03
    Rod 35kg/9:40 Rx
    Tony M 20kg/13:17 Rx

  • Jo J
    Posted at 16:57h, 31 May

    With my sister in our garage, Wanganui, New Zealand
    3 x 800row,12 push ups,20 sit ups, 12 squat press (or whatever they’re called 7kg dunbells)
    Thanks Cross Fit King for making me so welcome, giving me amazing friends, giving me a focus, and helping me through the sudden passing of my amazing Mother last week. Mum gave me the strength to carry on, to stay focussed, determined, and commited to being as healthy and strong as I can be…and to have tonnes of good fun! See you all in a few weeks, Jo x

    • jess
      Posted at 15:49h, 01 June

      Jo, sorry to hear about your mother. It is a great thing she passed so much onto you! We will be thinking of you during this time of mourning and look forward to your return x

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:26h, 31 May

    Gordo Intro 2
    Bryce 40kg/11:40 Rx
    Clay -/11:08
    Matt D -/11:40
    CKZ-/11:51/8:12.1 (2km row PB)
    JC 12kg/12:45 (12)
    Tim G -/12:16 (12)
    Bec G -/10:41 (8)
    Lana -/10:47
    Matt G -/9:20 Rx
    Arthur -/11:45 (8)
    Kath L -/15:45 Rx
    Sabrina -/11:35 (kpu)
    Alyssa -/12:14 (6)
    Damo 8/9:27
    Sue W -/11:58
    Jeff -/14:28
    Jono S -/11:30 (6)
    Dan -/12:49 Rx
    Terry -/15:00
    Pip LF -/9:59
    Michael -/12:03
    Steve F -/11:02

  • Cam Leggatt
    Posted at 04:13h, 02 June

    Jim & April the gym looks great!! Cant wait to get back in there and use all the space haha

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