Thursday, 30/05/13

Thursday, 30/05/13

MOBILITY 6.15-7.00pm
Party Pants Friday – Wear your loudest, most rockin’ exercise dacks.
Barbell Complex:
Power Clean
Hang Clean
OTM for 12 minutes:
1 Barbell Complex
10 Pushups

Part Pants Friday

Party Pants Friday example

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  • Jen Laurillard
    Posted at 20:38h, 29 May

    Need to do some late night party pants shopping tomorrow!

    • Kat
      Posted at 21:54h, 29 May

      Same. I have no party pants 🙁

      • Dan
        Posted at 22:50h, 29 May

        If the Regionals taught me anything, it’s that I don’t own enough fluro clothing to be a real CrossFitter.

        • Jim King
          Posted at 07:09h, 30 May

          Not even board shorts? Looking forward to seeing your effort for Matt Healey Monday then.

          • Dan
            Posted at 11:29h, 30 May

            Only board shorts I have are black and white. Boring!
            But if people are that keen to see me in either a weightlifting onesie or DTs, it can be arranged. I take no responsibility for the sudden drop in membership after that WOD, however.

  • Killer
    Posted at 21:43h, 29 May

    Damn! Now what am I going to do!! Haha Can’t wait for everyone to join me in party pants Friday.

  • TK
    Posted at 07:14h, 30 May

    80 / 62.5

    • Jim King
      Posted at 07:32h, 30 May

      Loving your work TK. Send us a photo of your Party Pants Friday.

      • TK
        Posted at 17:13h, 30 May

        Unfortunately forgot to pack my party pants, only thongs and footy shorts to blend in with the Wandoan locals.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 08:41h, 30 May

    Cheyne 60/40
    Sida 45/45
    Darwin 60/60
    Jamie 75/50
    Robyn 15.5/15.5
    Bridgette 40/30
    John K 45/35
    Alethea 33/28
    Michael R 50/40
    Maria 40/25
    Steve L 60/40
    Marc G 55/40
    Trent 95/80 (-18)
    Greg B 70/50
    JB 80/50
    Jon N 50/35
    Hutcho 75/50 (-20)
    Jo D 47.5/2×40,10×30
    Niall 60/40
    Billi -/30kg dl and sq
    Sumi 45 mod/35 mod
    Suzy 32.5/17.5
    Geoff 50/40
    Rod not enough/too heavy
    Caitlin 25/15

  • Jo Genders
    Posted at 09:16h, 30 May

    In line with the caption under the photo, will you accept ‘part pants’ as well? I’ve got a pair with the bum cut out that I’ve been dying to give an outing. 🙂

    • Trent
      Posted at 09:29h, 30 May

      All over it, Jo. You should be a teacher.

    • Jim King
      Posted at 09:49h, 30 May

      Sorry Jo, I have no idea what you are talking about, but hey, if that’s the way you roll……

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 10:12h, 30 May

        I have a photo record of your error, Jim. Don’t make me use it. And to think we did English together at uni….

        • Jim
          Posted at 10:19h, 30 May

          I could threaten you with some photos of my own, but I think you would win this one. Part Pants it is!

  • Netty
    Posted at 15:55h, 30 May

    Jim, Is this going to be a regular Friday occurrence? cause I’ll have to invest in some party pants, I only have party socks and headbands!

    • Jim
      Posted at 16:52h, 30 May

      No not a regular thing, but it will come around again some time.

    • katherine L
      Posted at 19:00h, 30 May

      Next week it can be party socks, Netty and you’ll be good to go!

      • Netty
        Posted at 19:51h, 30 May

        P.S…somehow I was at the 5pm sesh today on the board but don’t remember being there. Do I have a pregnant twin? ????

        • Jim King
          Posted at 20:03h, 30 May

          Probably Sumi in disguise, she’s very good.

          • Billi
            Posted at 20:48h, 30 May

            Hahaha too funny… Damn ninja!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 19:15h, 30 May

    Jess L 55/40
    Jason H 80/60 (-32)
    Chakkerz 85/60 (-41)
    Damon J (trial)
    Luke G 60/40
    Kyle 75/50 (-5)
    Mayhem 40/35
    Crystal 32.5/25
    Rich Fr 30/30
    Paige 45/30
    Carly 52.5/35
    Krushed 100/80
    Reece K 87.5/70
    GT 80/50
    Hoppo 35/30
    Bec G 35/30
    Ax 70/60
    Tanz 50/30
    Bowie 70/45 (-17)
    Tim S 40/40
    Grant dB 60/50
    Maddie 35/30
    Naomi 30/25
    Tim G
    Jane 20/20
    Patrina 40/35
    Camo 90/70
    Sarah L 35/25
    Tim C 75/55
    Sam T
    Killner 45/30
    Dani B 42.5/35 (-15)
    Tim W 90/70
    Damo A 40/40
    JC 70/40
    Dave C 53/48
    Josh A 45/35 (-20)
    Julie S 8/8
    Jad 40/40
    Travis 50kg FS/50kg FS
    Sam H
    Susan P 18/18
    Danni S 18/18
    Cam J 65/50
    Kate P 50 PB/35
    Michael L 60/45
    Damo C 80/50
    Sara 30/20
    Marty 30/30

  • Jim King
    Posted at 19:25h, 30 May

    Apologies to the 9.30 crew, your scores did not make it today. Add a comment if you would like to have them recorded here.
    Bec C
    Sarah LJ

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