Thursday, 25/04/19

Thursday, 25/04/19

ANZAC Day public holiday.
8am class only today. (no CF Kids)


“Baird” (modified)


– Partner WOD


2 rounds for total reps:


0 – 3:00

600m Run (together)


3:00 – 15:00

3 x

AMRAP for 1 minute of each:


Deadlifts (90/70kg)

Lateral Burpees



15:00 – 18:00

600m Run


18:00 – 29:00

– as above


CPL Baird VC MG died how he lived, at the front; giving his all without any indecision.


The 600 metre sprint represents him leading a team into a gunfight at full charge, an action he was known for so don’t hold back; he never did.


He always programmed pull-ups, deadlifts and burpees to maintain his high standard of fitness.


These movements were common on Baird’s battlefield; pulling himself over a wall, carrying a wounded mate, or taking cover when the enemy started firing.


The ‘rest’ is recovery and preparation time for the next round, or in Baird’s case the next course of action on the battlefield.


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