Thursday, 13/10/11

Thursday, 13/10/11

20 minute AMRAP:
5 Handstand Pushups
10 Dumbell Snatch (20/15kg)
15 Double Unders
Max effort rows:
3 x 100m

2 x 300m
1 x 500m

Bobby Noyce – 501 continuous double unders in less than 5 minutes. It’s a bit monotonous but you should check out what happens at rep # 382!

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  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:07h, 13 October

    Hutch 8+1DB (box,20kg) Smashing out the DUs. Watch out Trent.
    Minh 6+5HSPU (box,5kg)
    Sandy 6+10DB (box,5kg)
    Meshelle 7+5HSPU (box,5kg)
    Jan 9+10DB (box,15kg)
    Cecilia 6 (wall walk, 8kg)
    John 6+5skips (box,10kg)
    Jo D 7+5DU (box,10kg)
    Chris 6+12DU (box,15kg)
    Danny 7+1HSPU (box,10kg)

  • steph
    Posted at 09:11h, 13 October

    101 Reasons why I love CFK: (notice I don’t just love Crossfit but most importantly Crossfit KING 😉
    1. I am currently wearing
    a. my school pants – yay for me
    b. a shirt that has not fit me in over a year!!! whoooo hoooo
    2. Cause it is the best anger/stress management therapy available (especially while on a Paleo diet lol)… I have a feeling I’m going to smash it today lol

    • Jo D
      Posted at 20:27h, 13 October

      101 Reasons why I love CrossfitKing:
      It’s just plain FUN, it has become one of my new passions in life!!!!!
      I love that it’s a challenge. I love the anticipation of what the next day’s workout will be! I love the sense of play & feeling like a kid doing all the wacky stuff – climbing ropes, jumping up & down, attempting to do handstands (the list goes on). But most of all I love the realness of what we all do in the box every day.
      Crossfit is all about realizing our full potential, & the truth is we are capable of WAY more than we ever dreamed of!
      I love sharing the buzz of success when others around you are achieving their goals – a first rxt; getting that elusive double-under for the first time!
      Steph, when you did those pull-ups the other day I was sooo excited for you. It really made my day 🙂

  • Jessica LaBelle
    Posted at 20:33h, 13 October

    Right on the money Jo D!!!

  • Jim King
    Posted at 20:43h, 13 October

    Adam R 10+3DU (2 abmat, 10kg, singles)
    Matt 11+4HSPU Rxd
    Ru 9 Rxd
    Katherine L 8+40 skips (box, 6kg, singles)
    Trent 9+3HSPU (2 abmat, 15kg)
    Jo g 12+HSPU (box, 8kg?)
    Steph 8+5DB (wall walks, 8kg, singles)
    Sarah 11+10DB (elbow flex, 8kg)
    Cam 12+5HSPU (roller)
    Kate 10+13DU (box,10kg)
    Jack 14+5DB (3 abmats, 10kg)
    Michael 8+5DB (2 abmat, 8kg,singles)
    Pip 13+5DB (2 abmat,10kg)
    Bec 13+10DB (3 abmat, 10kg)
    Jess 13+5DB (2 abmat, 15kg) + 1:58.4 (500m row)
    7pm Intro Group
    Glen 1:49.2
    Scott 1:41.9
    Lauren 2:08.6
    Jason 2:07.3

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