Thursday, 09/02/12

Thursday, 09/02/12

* This Saturday there will only be the 7.30am class due to the Hard’nup Challenge. Remember that entry to the event is free on Saturday, so come on down and check out the action after your workout.

21 SDHP (40kg/30kg)
9 Ring Dips
Run 200m
15 SDHP (40kg/30kg)
15 Ring Dips
Run 200m
9 SDHP (40kg/30kg)
21 Ring Dips
Run 200m


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  • David
    Posted at 08:34h, 09 February

    Hey Jim/April,
    Been trying to log on to the schedule for the Hard’nup Challenge for sat. Can’t get it open. Any idea what time it starts and finishes? When are our CrossFit King competitors are on? Thanks.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 09:13h, 09 February

    The first workout begins at 8.30am, the second workout begins at approx 11:10am, the third workout begins at approx 12:40pm with the announcement of winners etc at 4pm.
    The workouts are run as heats and there are ten heats per workout. As we don’t yet know which heat number any of us are in we might be called up to the plate any time during those time frames.
    The way it is usually run is that the Women’s heats go first and then the Men’s and that the stronger athletes are put in the later heats (so called Hot Heats) of their respective gender categories. Whether that will be the case this weekend I don’t know.
    The workouts are meant to be announced by midday today, so I’m guessing there are many nervous competitors frantically updating their CFB page throughout the morning.

  • Jim King
    Posted at 10:45h, 09 February

    Sandy 10:20 (25, g)
    Minh 10:02 (15, box)
    Jo D 10:56 (30, r&ecc.)
    Trent 7:06 Rx
    Sabrina 5:44 (20, box)
    Kim Intro 2
    Phantom 7:59 (20, box)
    Celia 8:19 (30, box)
    Jan 11:38 (40, ecc.)
    Hutch 5.50 (30, box)
    Sue O 5:43 (20, box)
    David C 9.33 (35, r)
    Leah 6:08 (15, box)
    Nic P 10:21 (ecc. 21)
    Caitlin Intro 2
    Alyssa Intro 2

    • Cecilia
      Posted at 19:20h, 09 February

      “Box” for John (aka Phantom) I wrote up his info, but forgot that part…..

  • brendan
    Posted at 16:20h, 09 February

    spotto Jimmy @ 2:34

  • Jim King
    Posted at 19:21h, 09 February

    Clay 10:09 (40, dips)
    Jo G 7:54 (30, bands)
    Kim 7:50 (8 KBS, band/box)
    CKZ 7:13 (@ 30kg, box) and then 6:50 (@ 35kg, box)
    Kate L 7:17 (25, bands)
    Kat 9:33 (20, band/box)
    Kath L 6:53 (30, box)
    Kate P 6:55
    Thea 7:30 (30, box)
    Ru 11:30 (50, rings/dips)
    Craig 11:10 (40,dips)
    Georgio 6:42 Rx
    Sue W 7:05 (25,box)
    Andrew 8:46 (40, o)
    Dan 10:30 (40, o)
    Michael 10:14 (40, str./band)
    Ian 11:54 (40, o)
    Joel 5:59 (40, p)
    Bec 12:45 mod
    Hayley 7:08 (25, o)
    Rob C 11:20 (40,box)

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