Sunday, 29/08/11

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  • Jess
    Posted at 07:49h, 28 August

    Happy rest day today everyone. How fun was yesterday’s team WOD?? Great!!! I am curious to know how the boys went in yesterday’s Damian Leeding fundraiser? And Jo D, good luck today!!! See you all in the box tomorrow. I am going to take advantage of this beautiful sunshine and go out for a long walk with my boys (Jie and Harley, my greyhound)

    • Paula
      Posted at 09:01h, 28 August

      heaps of wet heavy fun! (wall ball, burpee box jumps, pushpress, rowing, double unders, kb, kb carry & pushups.)
      3 wods
      Jimmy 16th , Brendan 46th out of 106

      • Jo Genders
        Posted at 11:44h, 28 August

        Nice work, CFK boys! We’re THAT proud!

      • Jo D
        Posted at 14:21h, 28 August

        Wet track & well done guys!!!
        BIG BIG thanks Jim, April & Paula for helping me achieve my goal – YAY – did the physical in 10:12. (Crossfit King rocks !!:)
        Here is the WOD ’cause I know you would all dig it….
        20kg weighted vest worn through-out the eight tasks:
        Stair Climb – (2 additional 6kgweights on shoulders) 60 steps per min for 3mins (remove shoulder weights).
        Fire-Hose Drag – drag 64 mm hose 23mtrs around a drum, 90degree turn, drag another 8mtrs, drop to one knee pull line till 15.25mtr mark over line.
        Equipment Carry – 13kg & 15kg jerry cans, remove from tool cabinet, carry 23mtrs & return to cabinet.
        Ladder Raise & Extension – 8mtr ladder on ground walk it up hand over hand to wall – return to ground. Raise next 8mtr ladder to full extension.
        Forcible Entry – 4.5kg sledgehammer, strike measuring device in target area till all way in.
        Search – crawl through completely darkened tunnel maze 21.6mtrs with 2 x 90deg turns, over and around obstacles.
        Rescue – 75kg mannequin, drag 11mtrs, 180deg turn, back 11mtrs.
        Ceiling Breach & Pull – use ceiling hook to push up 27kg door 3 times, hook to the 36kg device down 5 times. (Do 4 reps of the above sequence).
        Cut-off time 10mins20sec.
        Thanks for all the support guys & gals!:)

        • Jim King
          Posted at 14:37h, 28 August

          Jo that is great news. Well done champion, that looks like a hell of a workout. What a thriller getting in by a whole 8 seconds!!
          You totally deserve your success from the hard work you have put in during class and your sneaky solo sessions too. We are super proud of you and so happy for you to achieve your goal. That calendar shoot is looking more likely than ever….
          J D = Job Done

        • Paula
          Posted at 17:17h, 28 August

          WooHoo!!!!!! I am so excited for you!! You are so awesome. Go Jo!!!!!!

        • Jo Genders
          Posted at 18:41h, 28 August

          Absolutely fantastic news Jo! That WOD was a killer! Very proud of you!

        • Jeff
          Posted at 21:12h, 28 August

          Congratulations Jo D!! Awesome stuff. Well done on your efforts in the gym and your determination at reaching your goal. Congrats to Jimmy, April and Paula for helping Jo D get there too. 🙂

        • sandy
          Posted at 21:51h, 28 August

          Wonderful work Jo, truly inspirational! massif congrats.

        • steph
          Posted at 07:56h, 29 August

          Congrats Jo! That’s so great 🙂

  • Jess
    Posted at 19:19h, 28 August

    That is just amazing and awesome Jo!!! We are all so proud of you and so thankful to Jimmy and April for opening up such a kick@#* box!!! Awesome work to the boys on Saturday also. Job well done 🙂

  • Sarah
    Posted at 21:23h, 28 August

    Congratulations Jo! That was a hell of a WOD. You are AMAZING! The fire brigade are lucky to have someone as strong and determined as you.

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