Sunday, 15/04/12 – Rest Day

Sunday, 15/04/12 – Rest Day

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  • April King
    Posted at 13:29h, 15 April

    Hello everyone
    I just wanted to let you know a bit of an update regarding the Healthy Habits Challenge.
    I am pleased to report the following scores. With no one in the negatives at this point (with the scores submitted) I am very excited!
    Jan = 15
    Cecilia = 11
    Nic L = 21
    Lauren = 25
    Steph = 20
    Kate L = 28
    Andrew H = 28
    John K = 30
    Patrick = 24
    Leah = 28
    Robyn = 24
    Jim = 19
    April = 13
    Jack = 30
    Penny = 29
    Kath L = 25
    Michael = 21
    Sue O = 20
    Kate P = 29
    Melissa = 28
    Xavier = 29
    Pip = 25
    Pip L = 25
    Ian = 12
    Alison = 28
    Grant = 28
    David = 22
    Some of you in the above list are yet to submit a score for the second week. Please get these to me asap so you don’t have to pay 30 burpees for a late submission.
    Thank you Ian for already paying back 60 burpees for late entries.
    The following people will have to pay back 30 burpees for late entries last week: Nic and Molly P.
    The following people will have to pay back 150 burpees for not trying hard enough this week: April and Jimmy!!!
    A very big congratulations to those of you who are truly working hard to stay on track and are succeeding!

  • Jan
    Posted at 18:48h, 15 April

    Excellent clip!

  • jess
    Posted at 21:15h, 15 April

    Huge congrats everyone! Especially john and jack still on 30. Im with you jimmy and april! I probably should make it 300 though as i stopped trying after week 1. Pathetic effort!

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