Saturday, 19/11/11

Saturday, 19/11/11

AMRAP in 20 minutes:
30 Box Jumps 24″
20 Push Press 50/35kg
30 Pullups

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  • Dan
    Posted at 09:17h, 19 November

    I’ll be adding thumb wrestles to all of my warmups from now on. Thanks Jim. 🙂

  • Jim King
    Posted at 11:26h, 19 November

    Jan, Sandy, Minh, Cecilia, Meshelle, Trent, Mettt, Michael L, Jess L, Megan P, Dan M, Nic P, Molly P, CKZ, John P, Tim H
    Cam L 3+12 PP (40kg)
    Sarah L 3+20 BJ (20″, 16kg, g)
    Chris B 2+10 P (20″, 30kg, g)
    Kim L 2+10 PP (15″, 13kg, b)
    Kate L 3+14 PP (20″, 20kg, g&o)
    Jo G 2+29P (24″, 25kg, g&o)
    Megan P 2+12 P Rxd
    Cecilia 4+25 JP (step, 15kg, JPU)
    Jan 2+10 P (30kg, b)
    Meshelle 4+ PP (15kg, JPU)
    Tim H 3+20 P (30kg, g)
    Trent 2+13 P (24″, 40kg)
    Nic P 2+20 BJ (24″, 40kg)
    Michael L 3+20 PP (step, 25kg, g)
    Dan M 2+20 P (20″, 30kg, JP)
    Jess L 2+6 P Rxd
    Christian 3+30 sec ride
    Matt G 2+23 P (40kg)
    Peter D 2+10 P (30kg, r)
    Steph U 2+14 BJ (15″, 20kg, b+g/JP)
    Ru 2+20 PP Rxd
    Lauren 3 (20″, 13kg, b/JP)
    David C 3+10 step (step, 30kg, g)
    ITWF (International Thumb Wrestling Federation) Sanctioned
    Pro Summer Series Event 1
    LAUREN C – 3 Vs RU – not enough
    Lauren C Intro 3
    April 3+5 BJ (24″, ecc ring dips, pullups)
    Jim 4+15 BJ Rxd

  • Jo Genders
    Posted at 11:46h, 19 November

    Jim, I did 2 + 20pp, 30pu, 29bj. Cheers

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