Saturday, 19/03/16

Saturday, 19/03/16

The program for Saturday will simply be waves of 8 (max, unless non-registered athletes sub out the Row) every 20 minutes starting at 6am prioritising order of arrival. This includes the Barbell Free option which will be the same as 16.4, subbing Kettlebell Swings for the Deadlifts and Hand Release Pushups for the Handstand Pushups.
So there is no set time for Barbell Free.
You can turn up and join in to any of the waves if it is your turn and there is a spot available. For Barbell Free you can also sub out the Row for a 40 Cal Ski Erg, 600m Run or 0.6 miles on the Assault Bike.
Weightlifting with Paige will be on at 8am.
Open 16.4
AMRAP in 13 minutes:
55 Deadlifts (102/70kg)
55 Wall Ball (9kg to 10′ / 6kg to 9′)
55 Cal Row
55 Handstand Pushups

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