Saturday, 19/09/20

Saturday, 19/09/20

The gym is off limits today (Saturday) due to some roof work going on so we’ll be meeting at Salisbury Recreation Reserve – (netball courts at the end of Dulcie Street) for the workout at 7am. One session only.


Choose from one of the three options listed below. We’ll book everyone in at the park.


Add some colour to the morning with a Silly Socks Saturday theme. Wear your loudest socks or go full send on the whole outfit.


1. 5km Run Time Trial


– 5 x 1km circuit, therefore also 1, 2, 3 or 4km time trial
– 10 minutes warm up and stretch


2. Optional finisher
5 rft: 20 Lunges, 15 Bicycles (L+R=1), 10 Pushups


1. Death by 10m


– complete one 10m Shuttle in the first minute, two 10m Shuttles in the second minute, three in the third etc until you cannot complete all of the required number of Shuttles in the allocated minute

– 10 minutes warm up and stretch
– If you finish early pick a number that’s tough to complete and go every second minute until everyone is done.


2. Death by Pushups -> Air Squats


– Once you cannot complete all the Pushups required in a given minute continue from that number with Air Squats


C) “Fight Gone Bad” style


– 5 rounds, one minute rest between rounds
– AMRAP in 1 minute per station


Station. Movement. (Alternative / Subs)

1. Burpees (Kickback / 5m Shuttle / Lunges)
2. Kick Sits (Alternating Toe Taps from Pushup Plank)
3. Situps or V-Ups (Bicycles / Flutter Kicks)
4. Pushups (Shoulder Taps / Plank)
5. Air Squats (Lunges / Butt Kickers / High Knees)

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