The good news we’ve been waiting for! The gym will be reopening on Saturday, June 13 for our first day back after the scheduled easing of restrictions.


If you have borrowed gear we ask that you please return it to the gym before Monday, June 8, especially anyone that has borrowed rubber mats. I’ll be at the gym all weekend June 6 and 7 but if you want to bring it in earlier let me know by texting or emailing me please:

0408 590 530
[email protected]


There will be some changes to procedures as well as the class timetable. We will have more details (class times, weightlifting, HIIT, Legends etc) to share with you about this soon but here are a couple of key points:


* CrossFit Kids and Teens won’t be resuming this term.


* When we resume you will need to book in to classes through the Mindbody app as classes are limited to 20 people. (not available to do this yet)


* The timetable has not been finalised but we are trying to offer the same number of classes as before with modified start/finish times to prevent overlap of classes. For example, the Saturday classes are scheduled for 6 – 7am, 7.30 – 8.30am and 9 – 10am.


* Showers, the water cooler and communal chalk buckets will not be available for use at the gym.


*Toilets remain available.


* Please bring your own water bottle, towel and hand chalk. Water and chalk will be available to purchase at the gym.


We’re very excited to be seeing you all again soon.


For new member enquiries please contact me via text or email.

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