Monday, 30/11/20

Monday, 30/11/20

For time:


400m Run

(or 200m Suitcase Carry. 1 x 24/16kg)


3 x

19 Goblet Lunges (24/16kg)

83 Double Unders


400m Run


7 x

3 Deadlifts

7 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20”)


400m Run


DL Level – M / F (kg)

1 – 50/35

2 – 70/50

3 – 100/70

4 – 130/90

5 – 160/110


Sub for D-Us

– 24/20 Cals


This week Kody comes on board as an intern trainer and has extensive experience in the fitness industry. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, has a passion for Disability Support Work and has competed at national and state level for Rugby League and Rugby Union. Welcome Kody.


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