Monday, 28/12/20

Monday, 28/12/20

Class times:

6.05am CrossFit

7.10am Legends + regular members welcome

9.30am CrossFit

4.55pm CrossFit

6.05pm Open Gym for strength training.


The journey of a thousand miles, or in this case ten years, begins with a single step. In April this year we celebrated ten years as an affiliate while in lockdown and today we recognise Jo’s achievement of ten years as a member of CFK. A model of consistency, Jo started coming along three days per week when we began running sessions in our back yard and on the back deck. Since then she has rarely gone a week without hitting at least that number, and often more. Fast forward to today and the results of that consistency are clear to see.


2 x 10 minute AMRAPs



10 Pull-Ups


10 Goblet Squats (24/16kg)



10 Calories

10 Deadlifts (BW)

10 V-Ups



Pull-Ups – Pendlay Rows

HSPU – Push Presses

Goblet Squats – Box Jumps/Stepups

Cals – 100m Run

Deadlifts – Bicep Curls

V-Ups – Situps


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