Monday, 27/01/20

Monday, 27/01/20

Australia Day public holiday

– 8am and 5pm classes only


“Brett Forte”


Partner WOD

(or 3s)


400m Run (together)


then 4 x (shared)

40 Medball Lunges (9/6kg)

14 Devils Presses (2 x 20/15kg)

70 Hang Power Cleans (40/27.5kg)

41 Strict Presses (40/27.5kg)


400m Run (together)


This workout was created to honor Senior Constable Brett Forte of the Queensland Police who was shot and killed in the line of duty on May 29, 2017 while attempting to initiate a traffic stop on a known violent felon.


The workout was created by owner and head coach of Ironmonger Barbell (North Ipswich) Dean Goldstein, former NT Police. The rep scheme was programmed around Brett’s badge number.


Dean programmed movements that Brett and his wife were known to enjoy.


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